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J-POP is my life. 嵐、相葉雅紀、関ジャニ∞、NEWS, 三浦春馬、錦戸亮、生田斗真、Perfume、aiko、大塚愛、ELT、新垣結衣、戸田恵梨香、黒木メイサ and too many more to list, but this blog will be filled with mostly Arashi♥

Sorry but I really can't stand K-Pop, so I might unfollow any of you who reblog K-Pop. Really sorry!

Also in love with Goosehouse right now; They aren't a very famous group but...(:

Things related to Arashi:
-They were filming Kaibutsukun right infront of my house during the drama!
-Been a fan ever since I was little, and finally got tickets last year on "Scene 君と僕の見ている風景"!
-Went to ワクワク学校2011 6/24

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